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What's involved with fuseboard upgrades?

Installation of a new RCBO fuseboard with a surge protective device.

There's actually a fair amount of work that goes in to a fuseboard providing they're correctly replaced. Lets take a look at what is actually involved with a fuseboard upgrade.

Upgrading a fuseboard is a jon for a qualified and regstered electrician. Here’s a step-by-step look at what’s involved:

Initial inspection:

The first steps will always involved a thorough inspection of your existing electrical system. We will assess the current fuseboard, wiring, and overall condition of the electrical installation to ensure it safe to be altered. It's at this stage that sometimes issues may come up that will cause your new fuseboard to trip.

Choosing the Right Fuseboard:

There are a few different types of consumer units available, we install something called an RCBO fuseboard which means if something trips, you don't lose power to half of your home! A dual RCD fuseboard is cheaper but there's a lot of grey area about whether they actually meet regulations or not. A good registered electrician will always install an RCBO fuseboard.

Future proofing: We always put bigger fuseboards in than we actually need. With some many people considering EV chargers, Solar, Heat Pumps etc, it's better to leave plenty of space in the new fuseboard now so you're not paying again in the future should you need to install any extra circuits.


Installation of New Fuseboard: The cables are all marked up so we know where they go once the new fuseboard is on the wall. The new fuseboard (consumer unit) is mounted to the wall and all new RCD's/RCBO's are all installed in the fuseboard and the circuits all connected up. This can take a good few hours depending on how many circuits you have so be prepared to hotspot from your phone if you have work!

Testing and Certification:

Once the fuseboard has been all connected up, we will carry out further testing to ensure the new fuseboard is functioning correctly and safely. This includes checking the RCDs and ensuring all connections are secure and tightened to the correct torque setting. Something often missed by other electricians.

Certification: Upon completion, you will receive an electrical installation certificate that confirms the work meets current standards and regulations and as this is a notifiable job you will also receive a building control notification certificate. 

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