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Smart sockets, switches and light bulbs in Corsham and Chippenham

Technology is constantly changing the way we do things and we've moved in to the era of home automation. It's not super common because it's largely still quite expensive if you're going for a full wired install. 


These days though there is a plethora of accessories you can use to start making your home 'smart'. More and more of us have an Alexa or Google Home (I currently have 2 Alexas. 1 for the kitchen and 1 in my bedroom) and there are lots of very affordable sockets, switches and light bulbs that you can link to your Alexa to control your electrical installation. 

As an electrician in Corsham and Chippenham, I've installed various smart devices such as Philips Hue lamps. Other brands are available such as Cromptons lamps which are also quite reputable. I have a few BG Smart Sockets around my home which link seamlessly to Alexa. Instead of fumbling around for the switch in the dark to turn a bedside light on, I just ask Alexa to do it for me! Another use of the sockets is that you can turn them on and off remotely from an app and can even set random timers; handy if you're on holiday!

Socket replacements are an easy job for any registered electrician so upgrading to smart sockets is usually a quick and painless task!

Another use for Smart Sockets is for people with disabilities, if they struggle to access sockets to turn them off then they can do so at a touch of a button from their smart phone.

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Many Electricians in Bath and West Wiltshire are simply not interested in small electrical works. They want the choice jobs, and will drop you like a hot potato when a bigger, supposedly more lucrative, project comes in.

Others advertise as electricians having no qualifications.  They thrive on the basis that you don’t understand what they do and, as a result, overcharge for shoddy, and often dangerous, work.

I set up Watt & Co. Electrical in order to fill a gap in the domestic sector. I want to provide you with a quality service that provides you with exactly what you need from an electrician.

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