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Some different types of lighting we can install. LED tape, bespoke custom made lights, fibre optic 'starry sky' lights and outdoor lighting.

Lets talk lighting. I've been doing more and more lighting jobs as the months go on and I feel like it's time to take the plunge and start showing everyone what's actually out there and what cool things you can do! 

Everything is LED lighting these days, in fact, since starting Watt & co. Electrical just over 2 and a half years ago I don't think I've ever installed or replaced a halogen or a fluorescent like-for-like. With most things, you get what you pay for. Cheap LED bulbs will fail a lot sooner than a better quality one. Cromptons and Megaman do some good LED lamps, they're a bit pricier than the stuff you find at B&M but that's for a reason. Decent LED lamps boast run times of 30,000+Hours which is basically a lifetime. 

The LED lights I install are always good quality and I've done a lot of it! 
New kitchen and bathroom downlights are becoming increasingly popular, next week (at the time of writing this) I will be replacing 3 pendants for a total of 14 downlights throughout a kitchen, dining area and hallway and I've recently replaced my bathroom light for a couple of Collingwood H2 downlights. 

Whilst downlights are a common project I carry out there are other types of lighting that some people haven't considered. In the image in this blog there are a few photos. The top left is of some fibre optic lights. They come bunched together, this particular model had 120 strands. In the project I had to drill out 120 tiny 1mm holes, push the lights through, let the painters make good around all the holes I had drilled and then pull each strand back back just a fraction so it was flush with the ceiling. It was quite labour intensive but the results are astounding! 

The top right image is of some colour changing LED tape. This particular one was installed in some flush profile with a diffuser around a skylight. It's becoming more common now for people to have a false ceiling in a kitchen with some LED tape in. 

The bottom right picture is of some new outside lights. These are a nautical style and were more for functionality as the path is pitch black at night with no local street lighting around. Using outside spike lights can highlight some of the more aesthetically pleasing parts of your garden. 

The final picture is of a bespoke made dining room light. I had teamed up with a local carpenter to help with the build. They were able to router out on the top for my cables to sit flush. 

There's so much you can do with lights.

If you have a lighting project coming up, get in touch with your trusted electrician in Corsham and lets see how I can help.

Haydon Turner-White

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